Digital Audit Service

A digital marketing audit is simply an inspection of all the practices, strategies, and outcomes of what a business has been doing to establish and improve its online presence. In the changing media aspects, digital advertising impacts every sector. Despite spending a large percentage of ad budget to ensure a digital presence business are struggling to adapt, run and monitor results within digital environments.

Our Modern and experienced group of Digital Marketing specialists will provide you with a good marketing audit, letting you find an entire range of expertise and technical knowledge.


The Digital Audit Covers:

Website Audit

Full review of your website and a detailed report on its technical shortcomings, followed by a Course of Action to eliminate them. How your website operates and the structure on which it follows also needs to be assessed, with specific focus on usability, and features such as load times, security, internal linking, Product pages, Footer, landing pages and more.

Landing page: Our audit checked that is your website landing page has all the important features that engage and delight a customer by offering them something that relates to the product or the company's industry like the company’s value proposition.

About Us Page:  Do your website has proper about us page or not that indicates where your company is based on or what type of relationship you have with your local community or when or where the company was founded and for what purpose?

Footer: Does your website footer have all the important features or not like link to the privacy policy, terms and conditions etc.

Product service page: Do your website product or service page contains products relevant information, enough keyword, price & image?


UX/UI Audit

Changes to your company’s digital appearance might the answer to low engagement on your website.

Analytics Audit

A break-down of your analytical setup: see what’s wrong with your tracking tools.


SEO Audit

See what holds you from occupying the first place in search results for relevant keywords. After our audit We will suggest changes based on our findings. These could be relating to keyword volume, value, opportunity, technical SEO, content optimization, organic and paid traffic.


Social Media Audit

Full review of your all social media platforms with a detailed report on its followers, posting contents how to improve & which area is need to improve or change etc. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn pages. Also, we’ll suggest how to connect with targeted customers through social media. 


Email Marketing Audit

Conduct external complex research and review of your Email Marketing process and help you evaluate its effectiveness.